Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 1

72-605 Świnoujście

53.9171552, 14.2747325


Przystań Łukowo 1

86 Zalewowa
72-605 Świnoujście

53.887361, 14.360639


Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 1

1 Maja
72-603 Świnoujście

53.854583, 14.303111


Rybaczówka 1

1 Maja 23
72-603 Świnoujście

53.8538575, 14.3019137

Kotwica Yacht Club

Domyślna grafika

Steyera 6
72-600 Świnoujście

53.904414, 14.2444233


Jacht Klub 4 Wiatry

Jachtowa 4A
72-600 Świnoujście

53.91749325, 14.275386026984

Wolgast Yacht Port

Port jachtowy Wolgast

Hafenstraße 13
17438 Wolgast

54.0536786, 13.783123477486


Port Jachtowy Karlshagen

Am Hafen 2
17449 Ostseebad Karlshagen

54.1087076, 13.8124034


Port jachtowy Krummin

Dorfstraße 24
17440 Krummin

54.0393306, 13.819356997044


Yachtclub Zinnowtz 1
54.0634457, 13.916963


72-605 Świnoujście

+ 48 91 321 91 77

53°54ʹ48ʺN 14°16ʹ28ʺE

Northern Basin Marina has 350 berths for yachts with a draught up to 4.5 m, a special berth for water scooters and a 360-meter-long quay, where vessels up to 220 m long can moor. It offers access to electricity and water directly on the piers, use of toilets and showers, collection of solid and liquid waste and access to wireless Internet. There is an automatic washing machine and clothes dryer at sailors' disposal. Safety of the berth is ensured by round-the-clock petty officer service and a functioning video surveillance system. Northern Basin Marina is the biggest and most frequently visited marina in Poland.


Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 1
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 2
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 3
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 4
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 5
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 6
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 7
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 8
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 9
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 10
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 11
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 12
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 13
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 14
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 15
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 16
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 17
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 18
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 19
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 20
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 21
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 22
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 23
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 24
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 25
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 26
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 27
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 28
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 29
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 30
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 31
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 32
Port Jachtowy Basen Północny 33

86 Zalewowa
72-605 Świnoujście

+ 48 509 381 778

53°53ʹ14.5″N 14°21ʹ38.3″E

Łunowo Marina is located on the Great Struga River - a distributary channel of the Old Świna River, on the border of the Wolin National Park. It is an ideal place for those who appreciate peace and contact with nature. It has 60 berths for yachts up to 8 m long and up to 2 m draught. Two piers are dedicated for canoes and other floating recreational equipment. It offers access to electricity and water directly on the piers, use of toilets and showers, collection of solid and liquid waste and access to wireless Internet. The marina has a barbecue area with facilities for washing dishes and preparing meals. Sailors have an automatic washing machine and clothes dryer at their disposal. Safety at the marina is ensured by round-the-clock boatswain's service and functioning video surveillance system.

Przystań Łukowo 1
Przystań Łukowo 2
Przystań Łukowo 3
Przystań Łukowo 4
Przystań Łukowo 5
Przystań Łukowo 6
Przystań Łukowo 7
Przystań Łukowo 8
Przystań Łukowo 9
Przystań Łukowo 10
Przystań Łukowo 11
Przystań Łukowo 12
Przystań Łukowo 13

1 Maja
72-603 Świnoujście

53°51ʹ16.5ʺN 14°18ʹ11.2ʺE

Canoe marina is located in Karsibór on the Old Świna River. It is a marina where you can moor not only a canoe, but also a small boat. On the pier there is a payable electricity supply point (payment with coins using a coin-operated machine on the amenity building). In the building there is a self-service, payable toilet and a baby changing table. Additionally, the marina has a children's playground, a sink, a canoe rack and a concrete slip. Use of the marina, except for electricity and the restroom, is free.

Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 1
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 2
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 3
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 4
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 5
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 6
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 7
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 8
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 9
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 10
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 11
Przystań Kajakowa Karsibór 12

1 Maja 23
72-603 Świnoujście

+48 517 738 313

53°85ʹ64″N 14°31ʹ04″E

There is a small fishing port on premises Rybaczówka. Thanks to that, you can bring your own boat. The proximity of the port also guarantees daily delivery of fresh fish to our kitchen, smokehouse and fish stand located in Rybaczówka.
Around the Regressive Delta of the Świna River there are such picturesque towns as: Karsibór, Przytór, Łunowo, Zalesie, Wicko or Lubin, which can be admired directly from a boat or a canoe. It is worth going on an organised cruise around Świnoujście on the boat called "Rybaczkówaʺ or going on your own trip, by boat or by canoe.

Rybaczówka 1
Rybaczówka 2
Rybaczówka 3
Rybaczówka 4
Rybaczówka 5
Rybaczówka 6
Rybaczówka 7

Steyera 6
72-600 Świnoujście

+ 48 608 626 080


53°90ʹ28ʺ N 14°24ʹ50ʺ E
In the offer of Kotwica Yacht Club sailing enthusiasts can find yachts from well-known manufacturers: Conrad, Delphia, Jeanneau and Bavaria.  The yacht charter offer on the Baltic Sea, is addressed to both beginners and more experienced sailors. Professionally configured and prepared for cruise yachts and motorboat RIB are at your disposal. Those who are not certified will be assisted by a skipper delegated to the cruise from Kotwica Yacht Club. During the cruise each participant acquires both practical and theoretical knowledge of sailing, which can be used to obtain a sailing or motorboat license during courses and exams held periodically at our club.

Jachtowa 4A
72-600 Świnoujście

+ 48 601 895 952

53°55ʹ03″N 14°16ʹ51″E

Jacht Club "Cztery Wiatryʺ was established in 1958 and was the first to start the history of Polish sailing on the Baltic islands of Wolin and Uznam. The charming marina is situated on Uznam Island, on the western side of the Świna River, opposite the lighthouse. The marina is well sheltered from the wind and waves and provides comfortable conditions for yachts to be moored. Entering the marina is not easy because of the shallows.he maximum draught of the yachts which can moor in the basin is 1.5 metres, the average depth varies from 1.5 to 1.8 metres.
The marina is equipped with electricity, water, toilets and showers. On site you can rent guest rooms and use the crane for a small fee. There is an engine repair shop on the premises of the club.

Jacht Klub 4 Wiatry 1
Jacht Klub 4 Wiatry 2
Jacht Klub 4 Wiatry 3
Jacht Klub 4 Wiatry 4

Hafenstraße 13
17438 Wolgast

(0 38 36) 2 36 70

54°05ʹ69″N 13°78ʹ25″E

Our Schlossinsel marina is located at the northernmost tip of Schlossinsel and offers 75 sheltered berths for boats with permanent or one-time moorings. The panorama of the Peenestrom and the drawbridge invite you to finish your day under sail on shipboard.
Sanitary service, drinking water and electricity at the quay are bleeding obvious for us. Our offer is completed by a bistro with hot and cold meals and a nautical shop, offering a wide range of boat accessories and spare parts.  The marina is located on the grounds of the Horn shipyard in the northern part of Schlossinsel Wolgast. It offers an additional 40 berths, fixed berths and the possibility of winter storage.

Port jachtowy Wolgast 1
Port jachtowy Wolgast 2
Port jachtowy Wolgast 3
Port jachtowy Wolgast 4
Port jachtowy Wolgast 5
Port jachtowy Wolgast 6
Port jachtowy Wolgast 7
Port jachtowy Wolgast 8
Port jachtowy Wolgast 9
Port jachtowy Wolgast 10
Port jachtowy Wolgast 11
Port jachtowy Wolgast 12
Port jachtowy Wolgast 13
Port jachtowy Wolgast 14
Port jachtowy Wolgast 15
Port jachtowy Wolgast 16
Port jachtowy Wolgast 17
Port jachtowy Wolgast 18
Port jachtowy Wolgast 19
Port jachtowy Wolgast 20
Port jachtowy Wolgast 21
Port jachtowy Wolgast 22
Port jachtowy Wolgast 23
Port jachtowy Wolgast 24

Am Hafen 2
17449 Ostseebad Karlshagen

+49 038371 20066

54°06ʹ29″N 13°48ʹ50″E

Modern sanitary facilities, a friendly and comprehensive service, a high level of safety in the harbor area as well as good environmental and waste management are standard in the Karlshagen Port. Showers, toilets, barrier-free toilets, washing machines and dryers, restaurants, a fish snack bar and fishmonger’s as well as holiday apartments directly at the harbor offer guests a pleasant stay. Even on the water it is possible to connect to the world via WLAN .
In the town center, which is 1.5 kilometers away, there is  a gas station,  supermarkets and other services on site. Train and bus connections enable you or your crew members to arrive and depart flexibly.


Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 1
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 2
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 3
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 4
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 5
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 6
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 7
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 8
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 9
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 10
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 11
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 12
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 13
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 14
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 15
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 16
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 17
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 18
Port Jachtowy Karlshagen 19

Dorfstraße 24
17440 Krummin

038355 689811

54°03ʹ0″N 13°51ʹ0″E

The beautifully situated harbor of Krummin is located in the north-west of Usedom Island, in the northern part of the Krumminer Wiek. Guests will find sufficient berths for drafts between 1.5 to 2.5 meters in berths up to eight metres wide. In the case of larger vessels, the harbormaster should be contacted in advance if possible.


  • sanitary facilities (toilets, showers)
  • water supply and sewerage system
  • washing machine  and dryer
  • WLAN
  • delivery of fresh bread
  • crane (10 t)
  • hydraulic transport system
  • Machine service, yacht electrics, boatbuilder, sailmaker, diver
  • Winter mooring
  • CarSharing station
  • Bike and eBike rental
  • Wintering of boats
Port jachtowy Krummin 1
Port jachtowy Krummin 2
Port jachtowy Krummin 3
Port jachtowy Krummin 4
Port jachtowy Krummin 5
Port jachtowy Krummin 6
Port jachtowy Krummin 7
Port jachtowy Krummin 8
Port jachtowy Krummin 9
Port jachtowy Krummin 10
Port jachtowy Krummin 11
Port jachtowy Krummin 12
Port jachtowy Krummin 13
Port jachtowy Krummin 14
Port jachtowy Krummin 15
Port jachtowy Krummin 16
+ 49 038377 352933

54°04ʹ0″N 13°55ʹ0″E

The modern natural harbor on the Achterwasser with its 91 berths is located within walking distance of the beach.In recent years the harbor of Zinnowitz has been renovated and extended with resting places on the sea lane. Today it offers all guests the services of a modern marina. The restaurant, the barbecue area, the natural surroundings and the nearby Baltic Sea invite you to have a stopover. Arriving boats will find berths in the marina on the port side, for drafts between 1.5 and 2.5 meters. The quay which is 30 metres to the northwest is reserved for passenger ships.


  • sanitary facilities (toilets, showers)
  • washing machines, dryers
  • electricity and water at marinas
  • WLAN
  • web corner
  • playground
  • barbecue
  • gas station
  • system for sanitary sewage extraction
  • emptying chemical toilets
  • crane (up to 10 t)
  • slipway
  • restaurant
  • parking lot
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 1
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 2
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 3
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 4
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 5
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 6
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 7
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 8
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 9
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 10
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 11
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 12
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 13
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 14
Yachtclub Zinnowtz 15